Saturday, October 26, 2019

Early Herbsaint Pint Bottle from 1934

As the post prohibition era began J. Marion Legendre had launched Legendre Absinthe,  and would soon find that the word Absinthe was not allowed on liquor labeling.
Having quickly renamed his product Legendre Herbsaint, Legendre & Co. began expanding their product line, launching new bitters, bottled cocktails, and liqueurs, in full size bottles, mini bottles, and pint bottles.

This early 1934 Legendre Herbsaint pint bottle, dates from the the period of time when Legendre & Co. changed the name of Legendre Absinthe, to Legendre Herbsaint.

This unique early Herbsaint bottle used a different shaped bottle for the short period it was in production until about 1935, when Legendre & Co. would adopt a new pint bottle that matched the design of the full sized Herbsaint bottles. 

The earliest 1934 Herbsaint Bottles would be produced with out the now familiar "Herbsaint" outlined at the bottom of the label, until J. Marion Legendre printed a transitional Herbsaint logo,to be added beneath the main label,to make the Herbsaint name stand out.