Saturday, February 16, 2019

Legendre Absinthe

Following repeal of Prohibition on Dec. 5, 1933. J. Marion Legendre would apply and receive one of the first Federal permits to begin making liquor in the Southern part of the USA.

By the latter part of Dec. 1933 Legendre & Co. would launch Legendre Absinthe, and begin adverting his new product.

 12-21-1933 Newspaper advertisement

Jan 1934

Two Surviving Legendre Absinthe Bottles, With Legendre Absinthe Booklet

Soon after obtaining his federal rectifiers license, J. Marion Legendre would launch Legendre Absinthe, bottling his product in the finished attic of his home on Jefferson St. in New Orleans.
However, the FACA (Federal Alcohol Control Administration) would soon inform Legendre & Co., as well as the other two New Orleans distillers L.E. Jung & Wulff, and J.C. Yochim, that not only was absinthe still banned from sale, and that the word absinthe, could not be used on liquor labels.

Newspaper article from 1934

This action by the FACA would be a major challenge to all three New Orleans distillers, but J.M Legendre would turn this potential disaster to his advantage, quickly changing the name of Legendre Absinthe, to Legendre Herbsaint.

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