Monday, August 11, 2014

New Orleans Absinthe

New Orleans Absinthe

Three vintage survivors of The New Orleans Absinthe Manufacturers Association.
These three New Orleans distillers would seek to create a special designation: "New Orleans Absinthe" for their products.

From Left to Right:
L.E. Jung "Greenopal" 
J.C. Yochim "Absinthe"
Legendre & Co. "Absinthe"

Of the three New Orleans Absinthe distillers, L.E. Jung, (Later L.E. Jung & Wulff) and Yochim Bros., were the oldest of the trio, dating back to the latter 1800s, before both companies closed their doors in New Orleans around the start of World War Two.

J.Marion Legendre a prominent New Orleans druggist, and entrepreneur, founded Legendre & Co.;  rounding out the last of the trio, entering the liquor business at the repeal of prohibition, making Legendre Herbsaint the only survivor

The Sazerac Co. currently produces Legendre Herbsaint Original, from J.Marion Legendre's original 1930s recipe.

This will be their story, and much more...Stay tuned!